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RemkoOctober 19, 2018
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Giulia Nueva Super 1300

Giulia Nueva Super 1300
This lowpoly but decent looking 1977 Alfa Romeo Giulia Super was a unique download from the French Alfa Romeo fansite The paint colors being historically accurate is a nice detail.
Damage Yes Convertible No
Dashboard Incorrect Class B
Vidwall Yes Serial # 47
Windows Clear Licence Plate Editable
Top Speed 144 mph
231 kmh
Polycount 2887

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noise - 9 months ago
Finally availible. Lovely car. There' s even an authors name. Great addon.
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Remko - 9 months ago
Yeah, I looked up in the wayback machine, and the name of the creator was mentioned on the download page. Feels better to have a proper name attached to it. A pity they never made any more mods for NFS4.
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Opus IV - 6 months ago
Hi Jean Pascal, I'm Opus IV. I have just converted this car to Need for Speed III: Hot Pursuit, I would like to upload it on NFS Cars and NFS Addons sites, can I have your permission to do it giving obviously your credits? Please answer me by e-mail at this address
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Remko - 6 months ago
hi OpusIV, I don't think the original author of this car will see your message, because this mod was uploaded by me, and the original author's site stopped existing years ago. I have no contact information of him, either.

I think it's allright if you share your NFS3 conversion here, as long as you mention the original author (like you said you would). You could also include the original readme for extra recognition.
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