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AC Cobra (1966)

AC Cobra (1966)
NightEye's high-poly Cobra looks even better in the NFS HP2 graphic engine; especially in the metallic paint colours it looks very handsome. The fact that you can choose to have the top up or down is cool as well.
Damage Convertible
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Top Speed 0 mph
0 kmh
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Remko - 16 years ago
Nope, it's not an edit from an existing NFS HP2 car. ;)
It was made for NFS4 first by NightEye (that car is available here too) and then converted by BMW_760Li to HP2.
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NfsWiLL - 16 years ago
WOW! I just wanted ask if this Classic Car was Made from EA's BMW Z`8 Car well,just the Frame some Body Parts? or was it Made From all Scratch? It's an Amazing Looking Sport's Car. Ok Great Work you Two Guy's! :)
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jono - 14 years ago
HI my name is jono and the cobra is a wicked car. now tell me how long youve had it is it ypur fav cars or how fast is it cheers!

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nfs driver from 1998 - 13 years ago
it very nice. just need a little fix on the wheels, u know, it kinda weard that there is a very nice clean car with that kinda wheels. well, like i said its very nice.
Well done!!!!
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