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Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Downloads


AuthorGiles Bett
Added On March 15, 2021
Views 227
Downloads 16
Version Hot Pursuit
Original Track Atlantica
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Need for Speed G-B

MEDITERRANEO - update and fix


You cannot be added tracks to NFS3, so each extra track has to replace

an original track.

If there is no GAMEDATA\TRACKS subdirectory in your NFS3 directory,

you must reinstall NFS3 in order to have the tracks loaded from the

hard disk rather than from the CD-ROM (normal or maximum installation).

To install this track:

1) Rename GAMEDATA\TRACKS\TRK002 subdirectory or move it to another location

(or delete it if you can restore original track from NFS III CD)

2) Unzip into GAMEDATA\TRACKS (it zipped with subdirectory TRK002)

3) In the game select 'Atlantica'

4) Run the NFS III

5) Have fun!


Have you problems with this track or not?

my e-mail :

our web site:

NOTE! please email me what do you think of this track? & please don't copy my track.

Thank you....

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  • WiLL - 27 days ago
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    Looks nice from the, long ago author. Is / was, this Converted from NFS'2se an, being for Atlantica sounds good. ) So this is refound then.

    man what a day. This Monday was at the,,, dentist ­čśú ­čś┤

    • Skoti_nfs - 27 days ago
      User Date
      Mike27 days ago
      WiLL26 days ago
      there will be more

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