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Jaguar XJ220

Jaguar XJ220
Added On July 31, 2022
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Version Hot Pursuit
Brand Jaguar
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File updated on: August 3, 2022

Additional Screenshots


    Update: August 3, 2022:

    • Updated loading slide: added drop shadow to the PS1 slide.

    Update: August 1, 2022:

    • Updated car model. The .zip had the wrong car file used, missing one of the colors that was later added.

    The Jaguar XJ220 for Need for Speed III, inspired by rata536 models.


    • 3836 poiles in total; with all LODs combined;
    • --1912 polies for high body;
    • --1202 polies for medium body;
    • --684 polies for low body;
    • --14 polies for tiny body;
    • --24 polies for the pop-up headlight body;
    • 8 colors (five XJ220 official, two Gran Turismo Jaguar model-based colors, one TWR XJ220S-based)
    • Multi-language support;
    • Sounds from NFS2 (thanks to rata536);
    • Showcase with full narration;
    • Alternate loading slide compatible with rata536 loading slides:
    • Car compare slide, with support for G.L.97 and Schnoobler add-ons.


    • Backup your files first;
    • Open your Need for Speed III directory;
    • Copy the 'JAGR' folder to "Data/Cars";
    • Copy the "FeData" items to the "FeData" folder, confirm to replace the "COMPARE.qFS" and -COMPARE.FSH" files;
    • Copy one the "04_00.qFS" files to "FeData/Slides" (rename "04_00 (PS1).qFS" to simply "04_00.qFS" if you're using rata536's loading slides);
    • Run the game and select the desired vehicle.


    • The car has optional CARHD.TGA and CARGAR.TGA texture files, the latter used with 256x256 resolution like the vanilla cars, and CARHD.TGA being a backup copy of CAR00.TGA's 512x512 default texture for the car.


    • DMN - Real Racing 3 meshes and textures, used as a base for the car;
    • rata536 - a bunch of resources for the model, loading slides, help and main inspiration;
    • Schnoobler - help with the textures, such as the ones for the showcase and the edited NFS2 steering wheel;
    • AJ_Lethal - NFSHS CARP Editor, used as a base, before tweaking the CARP for NFS3;
    • Leo2236 - GT2CarViewer, used to extract the textures for the base for the body .tga files;
    • G.L.97/Watcher of the Skies - help with the showcase audio files;
    • Meteor/OD2011 - small guidance with the showcase files.


    • Need for Speed II
    • Google Images simply for the other XJ220 images.



    • Version 1.2 uploaded August 3, 2022

      NFSF1McLaren uploaded a new version. The new file is 21.78 MB.

      Updated loading slide: added drop shadow to the PS1 slide.
    • Version 1.1 uploaded August 1, 2022

      NFSF1McLaren uploaded a new version. The new file is 26.65 MB.

      Updated car model. The .zip had the wrong car file used, missing one of the colors that was later added.
    • Initial version uploaded July 31, 2022

      NFSF1McLaren uploaded initial version. The original file is 26.65 MB.

    Visitor Comments

    • Schnoobler - 13 days ago
      User Date
      NFSF1McLaren13 days ago
      beautiful work mate, glad to have worked on this
      • NFSF1McLaren - 13 days ago
        User Date
        Schnoobler13 days ago
    • AndreiK - 13 days ago
      User Date
      NFSF1McLaren13 days ago
      nice work
    • EvoX - 13 days ago
      User Date
      Holy sheet... Will u make it for hs as well, probably with upgrades?πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘btw I'm catchin fun in your NSX and it rocks my azz hard🏁
      edited by EvoX 13 days ago
    • marast78 - 8 days ago
      User Date
      NFSF1McLaren7 days ago

      I returned to NFS3 ~2 years ago and then due to lack of time off again and I see there are still great cars being made. This one is great in many respects. Mainly it's clean and 256x256 texture is a must for me. :D It's definitely the most usable XJ 200 for NFS3 I think.

      Anyway, there are few things I had to modify for my personal use:

      - First, the dash has internal reading in MPH and so the reported speed is wrong as max speed defined is 360. Changing it to 224 will fix it.

      - Slight problem with mapping on the front, resulting in that vertical dark line. It's not so visible with hires texture, more visible with the 256 one.

      - Rear lights are a bit too big vertically, at the expense of the bottom vent line.

      - The bottom cover is mostly a bit different color on XJ220 and is shiny, so proper chrome should be there. Also the edges there should have vertices joined for normals not to make the edges so visible.

      - Normals on the model as a whole are fine, with exception of most of the top area. The windows seem to be just calculated.

      - Rather interesting mapping of the wheels. There are slight visual bugs because of that, visible mainly in replay camera 1 from the back (blue line on tires) and e.g. camera 3 where you can see slight inconsistence on the outer side of the rims.

      This one was a bit more time consuming, as there are many faces on the wheels that are completely redudant, including the rims. But nothing beats faces removal session. Well, but many things beat new wheel mapping for sure. :D- Last thing are opponents. They are too fast, so I just quickly replaced the opponent info with Diablo one, works well.

      But all these are simple fixes. The model is otherwise coherent and basically just great. Carp is also very nice in general.

      Lots of love went into it, thanks!


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