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Fiat Nuova 500 Italian Police (sleeper version)

Fiat Nuova 500 Italian Police (sleeper version)
This is a Fiat Nuova 500 Italian Police Sleeper, the very famous city car responsible in Italy for the mass motorization of the 60s, this time in pursuit version in the Polizia livery, now available for Need for Speed III. I have already loaded this car on this site but this is the sleeper version, much faster than the stock version and capable of performance comparable to a normal C-Class car of NFS3, so it is ideal to use it to chase this category of car. I created this model in collaboration with The Power City Tuning Team, the latter already authors of several other models for Need for Speed IV. This car is available in all supported languages. To install it put "pit5" folder that you find in the downloaded Zip file into "C:/Program Files/Electronic Arts/Nfs3/Nfs3/Gamedata/Carmodel". In the zip file you will also find a folder called "pursuit", put it in this path "C:/Program Files/Electronic Arts/Nfs3/Nfs3/Gamedata/Carmodel/Traffic" replacing the already existing "pursuit" folder and you will be chased by many Fiat Nuova 500 Italian Police Sleeper in Wanted mode. Always in the ZIP archive you will also find two files with the BNK extension (siren.bnk, siren3d.bnk), which is the siren of the Italian police, to be inserted in the following path "C:/Program Files/Electronic Arts/Nfs3/Nfs3/Gamedata/Audio/Sfx", replacing the two existing BNK files with the same name. You are allowed to convert this car to another Need for Speed version or to another game or using it as a basis for your projects only with my permission, by contacting me at this e-mail address: ""
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Damage Convertible
Dashboard Class Pursuit
Vidwall Serial #
Windows Licence Plate
Top Speed 0 mph
0 kmh
Polycount 0

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