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Ferrari F50

Ferrari F50
Added On November 23, 2022
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Version Hot Pursuit
Brand Ferrari
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The Ferrari F50 for Need for Speed III, inspired by rata536 models.


  • 2868 poiles in total; with all LODs combined;
  • --1530 polies for high body;
  • --828 polies for medium body;
  • --496 polies for low body;
  • --14 polies for tiny body;
  • 7 colors, (5 official, 2 additional Ferrari colors from other models);
  • Multi-language support;
  • Sounds from the PS1 NFSHS (thanks to rata536);
  • Showcase with full narration and interior view;
  • Alternate loading slide compatible with rata536 loading slides:
  • Car compare slide, with support for G.L.97 and Schnoobler add-ons.


  • Backup your files first;
  • Open your Need for Speed III directory;
  • Copy the 'FF50' folder to "Data/Cars";
  • Copy the "FeData" items to the "FeData" folder, confirm to replace the "COMPARE.qFS" and "COMPARE.FSH" files;
  • Copy one of the "05_00_XX.qFS" files to "FeData/Slides" (rename "05_00_PC.qFS" to "05_00.qFS" if you're using the vanilla loading slides, or "05_00_PS1.qFS" to "05_00.qFS" if you're using rata536's);
  • Run the game and select the desired vehicle.


  • The car has optional CARHD.TGA and CARGAR.TGA texture files, the latter used with 256x256 resolution like the vanilla cars, and CARHD.TGA being a backup copy of CAR00.TGA's 512x512 default texture for the car.


  • rata536 - tons of assistance, including LODs, sound, dash indicator, resources and assets;
  • Schnoobler - help, with photoshop of the showcase and dashboard files;
  • DMN - models and texutures from Real Racing 3 and Forza Horizon.
  • Viper Jay 5 - additional textures from Hot Pursuit 2
  • AJ_Lethal - NFSHS Carp editor (used for this car right before he released his proper NFS3 editor).


  • Need for Speed II and NFS High Stakes.


Visitor Comments

  • Schnoobler - 16 days ago
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    NFSF1McLaren16 days ago
    EvoX16 days ago
    absolutely lovely bit of work
  • EvoX - 16 days ago
    User Date
    looks very hot

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