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Ferrari F40

Ferrari F40
Added On March 17, 2021
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Version Hot Pursuit
Brand Ferrari
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* Installation *

Unzip the in your main NFS3 directory (this directory includes the NFS3.exe file).
To find the NFS3.exe simply press the START button of Windows, click FIND, then FILES OR
FOLDER. Now search for NFS3.exe. The search result shows you the folder which includes the
NFS3.exe file.
Start the Ferrari_F40_install.bat batchfile which installs all necessary files.

Start NFS3, select the mode you want to play (Single Race, Hot Pursuit, Ghost, Multiplay), goto
Car selection and scroll down until you see the Ferrari F40. Choose it, and that's it.
Start Racing and have a lot of fun.

If you don't trust my bat-File you can easy install the car by your own:

- open the explorer
- goto your main NFS3 directory (includes the NFS3.exe)
- goto the following subdirectory: gamedata\carmodel
- create a subdirectory for the car: FF40
- extract the ff40.viv which is part of the zip-files to the subdirectory , and rename it to car.viv

If you want to play online, or give someone a replay, or a ghost file they MUST have the F40 on
their computer in the NFS3 directory.

* Updates *

Version 4.0:

- The car got a complete new interior and driver.

Version 3.0:

- The car was total rebuild. I created it from scratch using the wonderful CARCAD. All airinlets
are now modeled and not only painted.
- Textures are remapped, and the tga-file is complete new.
- The car has now a real driver sitting inside and the main lights open when switched on.
- The dash was otimized.
- The showcase is removed from the car-file, and released as an independent file.

The Build time for the version 3.0 car was about 9 days.

Version 1.1 (2.0):

- The carshape was optimized to get less differences between the four used bodys (high, medium,
small and tiny)
- The normals were optimized to get similar reflection effects in all bodys
- The standard colors of the car have been changed
- Showcase was added
- Slideshow was added
- History File was added

* Construction *

This is the first car I modeled. I used the original EA - Mercedes CLK and redesigned it.
This means:

- I changed the car shape for all bodys (high, medium, small and tiny) completly
- I created new textures for the car

The Build time for the version 1.0 car was about 3 days.

If you have any comments about the work I did (improvements, bugs) please send me an E-mail.

* Credits *

- Thanks to EA for making the game an adding the cartool.
- Thanks to Chris Barnard for writing Carcad.
- Thanks to Jesper Juul-Mortensen for writing Viv Wizard.
- Thanks to Alisson 'bocao'Guedes for writing the Fedata Editor.
- Thanks to Espen Grimsgaard for writing the VIV Extractor/Builder.
- Thanks to Denis Auroux for writing the QFS Editing Suite.
- Thanks to all the gamers (especially Frank Johnson, Heinz Brandl, Felixx) who sent me their comments
about the car, and helped me creating the showcase and slideshow by sending me all those
wonderfull pictures

* Copyright / Permissions *

This program and all files within the are copyright 1999 by the author, Egelkraut
Thomas. You do not have permission to put it on any CD-ROM or other media (including
magazine cover cd's, and compilations) that is to be retailed without the authors prior written
The file itself, in its ORIGINAL STATE, may be distributed at no cost to anyone!
Please feel free to send it to your friends.
You can use it as a base for your work, but you have to credit me for this and notify me before you
release it.
If you put this on your homepage for download, be so kind an inform me. In this case
I am able to send you coming updates and new files.

Ferrari, Ferrari F40, and all other trademarks are Copyright 1998 of Ferrari Incorporated.

Electronic Arts is Copyright 1998
All Need For Speed Titles are Copyright of Electronic Arts
Need For Speed 3 is Copyright of Electronic Arts

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  • Mappy - 23 days ago
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    Nice cars mate.

    Guessing you are a Ferrari enthusiast.

    • Skoti_nfs - 23 days ago
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      Mappy22 days ago
      Thomas didnt upload them himself, I believe it was Mike who did it. But yeah, I bet he is (or was) a Ferrari enthusiast

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