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Chevrolet Bel Air Bomber BFS

Chevrolet Bel Air Bomber BFS

This is a Bomber BFS, an elaborate version of the 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, available on Need for Speed II SE as a bonus car, now also created for Need for Speed III. Although there is already another Bomber BFS on NFS Cars created by Jiraya I decided to upload this additional version, created for Need for Speed IV by AJ_Lethal and converted by me for Need for Speed III, as I find it very well done.

This car has the same performance, steering and rolling as the Bomber BFS of NFS2 SE, that is a strong acceleration combined with a maximum speed not very high, a bad steering and stability and a marked roll. This model is available to AI opponents drivers in the class C and in all supported languages. Engine sound come from Need for Speed II SE.

To install it put "bbfs" folder that you find in the downloaded Zip file into "C:/Program Files/Electronic Arts/Nfs3/Nfs3/Gamedata/Carmodel". A slide is also available named "10_00.qfs", that will appear on the screen before every race, to insert in the path "C:/Program Files/Electronic Arts/Nfs3/Nfs3/Fedata/Art/Slides". This picture come directly from NFS2 SE.

If you would like to modify, convert and/or distribute this addon, please put AJ_Lethal name as the original author of this addon in the Readme file and/or in the site.

Visit my Youtube channel "Opus IV Gamer" ( to see a lot of videos that I made on Need for Speed III Hot Pursuit and don't forget to subscribe to it for new coming videos.

Damage Convertible
Dashboard Class
Vidwall Serial #
Windows Licence Plate
Top Speed 0 mph
0 kmh
Polycount 0

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nfsfan83 - 5 months ago
It must be in NFS4 :) please convert it!!!
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NFSF1McLaren - 5 months ago

nfsfan83 eeeehh....

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nfsfan83 - 5 months ago

I have but glasess are not dark

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