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Author: Tails
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Car converted by Tails_16v
Type of mod: Car
Model: Mercedes CLK500
Replaces: G35
Known bugs: No exhaust flames. Carbon fiber parts look bad.

Car can be customized with:
-front bumpers (15 types)
-rear bumpers (6 types)
-spoilers (2 types)
-hoods (1 type, badgeless)
-rollcages (4 types, as headlights)
-taillights (5 types)
-side mirrors
-widebody kits (4 types, CLK-DTM)
-some other bits

EA Games - Model (NFS:C)
Turn 10 - some parts (FM4)
Eden Games - some parts (TDU)
DMN - ripping FM4 and TDU models - Providing the models
nfsu360 - Mod Tools

How to install the mod:
1. Back up all original files!
2. Replace original textures and geometry with those from package. Just copy them to CARS/G35 folder.
3. Download NFS-TexEd-0.9.1 and replace textures #83 and #380 in FRONTEND/FrontB.lzc with ones from package.
4. Install wheel position with NFS-CfgInstaller which you can find in Config folder.
5. Open the game and enjoy your Merc!

Do not upload it on any other site without my permission. You can provide link, but not upload any part of this mod.

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Comment By: WiLL
Jun 16, 2018 - 7:23am

Looks great! Tails-16_V
I try her out next week?)

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Comment By: Tails
Jun 21, 2018 - 2:27pm

Thanks! Did you try it out yet?

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