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1984 Mugen Civic CRX
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Author: Eevee
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This car was converted from Forza Motorsport 7 by YochiThMaster333 aka Eevee (me).

Replaces: Honda Civic Si Coupe

- Front Bumpers (Snyper)
- Spoilers (in taillights)
- Muffler Tips (some of them will correctly appear)
- Rims
- Performance
- Paint
- Vinyls
- Rim paint
- Neon Glow
- Window Tint
- N2O Purge
- Hydraulics

- NFS:UC driver model
- Stock white color
- Removable stock decals (in headlights)

Known bugs:
- Anyone at the moment

1. Extract CIVIC folder into game directory/CARS
2. Run NFS-CfgInstaller.exe
3. Press Select configuration file, choose MugenCRX.u2car, then press Install and find path to game directory.
4. With NFS TexEd, open FrontB.lzc, find texture ID 291, and replace with Save
5. Run the game and choose Honda Civic. CRX will be visible instead of Honda Civic Si Coupe.

Q: What is game directory?
A: That's the folder where your NFSU2 installed

Uploaded on: (this site)

Please don't reupload to these sites and don't even upload this to, because is stealers' home!

Thanks to:
Adobe for Photoshop CS5.1
nfsu360 for his NFSU2 ModTools
Oleg M. for Zmodeler
GRID (at for sending me templates

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