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Shelby GT500 KR KITT
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2009 Ford Shelby GT500 KR KITT
posted to me
Replaces the Mustang GT.

Very fast performance.
Proper wheel positions (doh)
Second and forth body kits are the Attack Mode (ricer spoiler and stuff)

No custom interior. Sorry, I'm too lame to make the one from the movie.
Has the stock rims of the KR. The ones from the movie are quite similiar, but I'm lazy to model them.

Many thanks to McLaren_3Dcm for the stock Shelby GT500 from Pro Street.
EA for the game.
Arushan for the tools.
And whoever made the tire thread and sidewall, and the brake disc textures, which I Googled for...

Download the Ferrari 360 Mod Loader from here (if you haven't done already):
Extract the zip, then the 7z and place the CARS_REPLACE and FRONTEND folders in your ADDONS folder. Overwrite files when prompted.


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Comment By: Exversus
Jun 11, 2010 - 1:51am

1st Blood! Wicked Awesome!

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Comment By: viveksreenair
Mar 16, 2011 - 4:09am

cool but the pontiac firebird is better

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