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We sadly have to announce the loss of a person that has done substantial contributions to the classic titles of the Need for Speed series.
Theodosius Kaskamanidis, known as "Saki Kaskas", was one of the main artists for the in-game soundtrack of the first four NFS-games.
For further information, refer to Rom Di Prisco's Facebook page.

We will certainly miss Saki. Thankyou for your music. Rest in Peace.

Earlier this year, VEG created an early beta version of an NFS High Stakes modern patch. This is similar to the NFS3 modern patch, which allows you to play NFS on a modern computer (Windows Vista, 8, 10)

Youtube user Gustingorriz has created a video tutorial that shows how to install NFS High Stakes, along with the modern patch, onto a modern computer. The video is in Spanish, but it's easy enough to follow along, or use YouTube's translation features.

Click below to watch the tutorial:

There are also a few threads in our forums regarding the patch.

And on a side note, yes, NFSAddons is still alive :) I've got some things in the works for the coming weeks!
Yesterday in "A message from the team" on, Ghost Games announced that the release for the PC version of the upcoming Need for Speed game is going to be pushed back to spring 2016 (an exact date has not been given). The team says that it needs the extra time to make sure the framerate won't be locked at 30 fps as was the case with 2013's NFS Rivals (and which caused a lot of complaints from the PC crowd)
The release dates for PS4 and Xbox One remain unchanged at Nov. 3 (US) and Nov. 5 (Worldwide) 2015.

Gamescom 2015 is going on in Cologne right now, and like previous years, EA has released new trailers for the upcoming 2015 edition of Need for Speed to go with it. The first trailer (above) gives a general idea of how the gameplay will feature 5 distinct game modes, each represented by a real-life racing personality: Magnus Walker (speed), Ken Block (style), Nakai-san (build), the Risky Devils (crew) and Morohoshi-san (outlaw).

The second trailer (below) is a closer introduction with each of these 'Icons', as well as their signature cars:

The move to the new server is now complete. A couple little bugs popped up, but I think I've fixed all those. If you notice anything strange, comment here and I'll look into it :)
Just a quick note... I will be migrating the site over to a new server this weekend. Some people have been having issues viewing the site, and it's time for a new/faster server anyways :) There should be little to no downtime, but there will be a few hours (late Saturday night, PST) that anything uploaded/comments added, will be lost due to the backup process.

So if you make a comment, upload a file, or make a forum post on Saturday, and it's gone Sunday... that's why. I'll make another post when the move is complete.
I know, I'm a bit late with this, but if you haven't seen it already, here is the official, full trailer for 2015's Need for Speed:

Not too many details have been revealed yet, but the game is set in Ventura Bay, a West-Coast inspired city that is said to be twice the size of the map in NFS Rivals. There will also be canyons and valleys outside of the city limits.
There will be five ways to play: Speed, Style, Build, Crew and Outlaw, but those storylines are said to be overlapping.
Today EA also officially shared the gameplay trailer that was already shown at the E3 press conference, showing off both the customization and some actual racing:


Well, there it is. After skipping a year (2014), this is the first sign of life for a new NFS title, which, surprisingly, is simply called "Need for Speed", nothing else.
Just a teaser at 34 seconds (the full trailer is announced for June 15, shortly before E3 2015), you could say it has a distinct Underground-like flavour, and the official description seems to confirm this:

The new NFS game will feature deep customisation, authentic urban car culture, a nocturnal open world, and an immersive narrative that pulls you through the game. has been updated as well, and interviews with studio Ghost Games' executive producer Marcus Nilsson have appeared at Gamespot and Eurogamer. Need for Speed (2015) is set to appear only on PC, Xbox One and PS4, but not on PS3 or X360 anymore.
A few hours ago, EA updated their official Need for Speed Facebook page with a new profile image (a slightly restyled NFS logo), and a new cover photo, which at first sight just seems a black rectangle with the text "May 21; subscribe to see the first look at the return of NFS;" on it.
When brightened up in Photoshop though, the cover photo reveals a crude image of two cars, resembling a Toyota GT86 and a classic air-cooled Porsche 911 in a nightly urban setting.
Whether this hints at the release of the earlier announced mobile game NFS: No Limits (which features both the GT86 and a Porsche 993), or a new game for PC and consoles with the same cars, is unknown.
More news probably next Thursday, May 21, on NFS' Youtube channel.

Today, EA released their first teaser trailer of sorts for the next chapter in the Need for Speed franchise: NFS: No Limits.
Earlier this month, sharp eyed fans had already spotted the NFS:NL logo on the first official photo's of Ken Block's custom '65 Mustang for his Gymkhana Seven video, leading to some speculation about an upcoming NFS title. EA quickly confirmed that this was correct, but that it would be a mobile game, for smartphones and tablets (as announced in May of this year, a new NFS for PC and consoles will not appear until 2015).
NFS: No Limits is being developed by Firemonkeys studios (responsible for EA's Real Racing series for mobile devices), and will be available on Android and iOS. A release date has not been given yet.

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