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Scotland's Castle Ruins
Scotland's Castle Ruins 7 more screens
Added on Feb 23, 2018 Viewed 924 times Downloaded 169 times

Author: WiLL

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Here i am again, This Track Mesh is from 02'
Time, the 'Revisted ver.1 Celtic Ruins' so i used-
This Mesh Base. I Used NFS:PU Textures that-
I own from the CD. I gave a another Look an-
An wanted it to be better than this 2002 one.
I did an wasn't real happy with other ones either.
I did some Research on Scotland an there Flags they-
Have an Used in the Past etc.

My Read Me tells more
of what was going on with
my Project. Have Fun
at this Nicer Place..!

Best Regards!

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Comment By: WiLL
Feb 24, 2018 - 4:59pm

I guess I wanted to get this Track out Friday night. Was my to much of a hurry thing. So Listen if you want your night drive no-weather, to have Tire black marks on the pavment? Copy that Tr0.qfs-, file put on some place,
Rename that, Trn0.qfs-,Darn phone, no dash,etc. Ok cause it be better to do that.

Does, anyone know how Turn on the Tracks, lights on Day Race,weather on, I seemed, to forget this trick.( Liked to know.
Did you like the Mod?
Thanks for upping it Nfsaddons.

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Comment By: WiLL
Feb 25, 2018 - 9:37am

I'm still fixing, various things,on this like the Road more level across from Wax Museum. Did anyone,Notice when you start a H.P. mode the Helicopter is in the main Driveway, of the Mansion there :) I never knew it did th st either so was cool seeing that last night made some Screens. Uploading them is another hassle for me lol. Thanks for the Rate btw. I try fix the road signs, more if I can ever?

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Comment By: EvoX
Mar 3, 2018 - 8:10am

Interesting concept of a track. I suggest myself I could find more time for the game and testing your hard works. I know how much time and effort it costs!

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Comment By: WiLL
Mar 3, 2018 - 10:22am

Hi there,EvoX yeah I feel you man.
That's cool...
have better year too as I try too.:)

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