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Aquatica Christmas Races
Aquatica Christmas Races 7 more screens
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Author: WiLL

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Hello there again, This old Track mesh was my "Southern Aquatica" -

Track,from 04' time. An we know the mess-that was.. So this isn't about-
Being all Fancy,um just Fixed up more. I really Liked it's shape is why.
An so i worked on this Much all December.
Re-did the Jumps, an there is a 3rd. one ) Just Follow the 'Y' Signs,tell-
about New Ways, to Go. Tried Fixing,the ends of Canyon Walls-that
was,from 04' an Fixed much Bent Road Paint Lines. other things.

This Track is Fun in Reverse way too. Also The Project was about Having-
More Light an seeing better,thru-Bridge beams, in Tight Corner's in Tunnel.
That Turned out Pretty nice. On Hill side, So..
This an, Atlantica, use's this white-cream,color Texture much.?
It's so Blinding..
So i used other Walls,you seen before. But makes it's Not so White.

An i Just Like how the Colors Ran with this. I Like Fog on,track only, Much.
You have to Have this set on: FULL Graphics,Mode: Always...

Well,this was another way i wanted to Contribute for Christmas Time -
Here at NFS Addons - with my Project. I think this Track is Fun Much.!.
An Very Nicer Looking.

Additional Thanks: A Big Hand clapps,to AJ_Lethal: For his: Hi-Res- Great-
Bigger,Texture's. That Has shown,me more on what-
I wanted to do,on this... More an my Own one's. )
I Liked his People um,Characters, But didn't feel like-
Using them,so cause it be much to do in these last-
10 days here lol.

Look's like another,big Discription-
All worth it. No worries. Merry Christmas! All Have a -
Great New Year! Too NFS Addons Members.

Best Kinder,
Regards Cya WiLL

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Comment By: WiLL
Dec 16, 2017 - 2:30pm

Hi this, Christmas Tree I used, Seems junky looking, to me.. Only if I could make my Own Textures, I be feeling better! With the old game. ) I try find the programs I reckon. I maybe could have did a few more, days on it, in the Canyons, Thanks for Upping the project :)

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