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CW-Shortcuts Ver-2
CW-Shortcuts Ver-2 7 more screens
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Author: WiLL

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Hi this not a
Total Clone: of AJ_Lethal's, Hi-Res Cw-Track ;)
I've really had to do much on this To fix it up.
It's My old mesh from few yrs ago.. this, T3ED Editor:
Really Mess's up bad..?
with Mirrored 24 Bit textures, so i made a new Road again-
works nicley. just think, it's all, Over Kill-work adding snow land mass..
at the Holes,besides, new road. i animated the Gas Station Tall sign is cool.

Fixed more the 'L' shaped,Corners,polys changed a few more road,Flags
i Like the Grass effect,showing sum grass-dirt fly up, in places.

The Night Race No weather,on is real Pretty Nice! looking in here, Fog on or off- i think.

Merry Christmas an Better New Year..! i hope for all Us.
really . Maybe i should have made atLeast '1'
Christmas Lighted Tree. Owell..?

I forgot to mention,when i ever try choosing,the texture i want to use,it's always,the 4th. one ahead most,i want to use- in middle of Qfs file :o so, an some times that won't show up Properly(

Well, i wished, Jim Diablo- can ever fix the Editor more for these Conflicks,in here about this. anymore,Updates. PaL.? (Hint)

I did much fixing on old area's in this
an the End of Tunnel Taller. Not so Closed in feeling,eek. an some in the bigger shorcut areas
I know all the Hard works.. i did, for the Fun of the old game :) :']

Ok Take care! WiLL

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Comment By: WiLL
Nov 30, 2017 - 4:15pm

Well, a big Description above..was needed.

anyway, where the purple RuF porche pic is, on pic #6,that shorcut by the cabin,is not on this mesh, it's on another that im Hobbying on for rest the month.
Cause it looks nicer,cause its newer, an closer to Hair S' turns. so just pointing out all this. Thanks for upping it )

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