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Petoskey H.T. 08' Ver-2
Petoskey H.T. 08' Ver-2 7 more screens
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Author: WiLL

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Hi there for Users,that don't know,about the T3ED Track editor? Much.. i think Only H.T-
Track does this? it's when you have changed many Textures, you open editor an see for your self.
There all Scrambeld,up an i had to Work thru- all this Guessing, what Texture, will be in it's-
Correct spot ::) An, AJ_Lethal, Told me it does, this,on 24 Bit Textures, an 8 Bit ones to.?(

So, this is my Fixed up more, (Petoskey 08' H.T. Track) i Re did the Shortcut,better as possible-
is Nicer. an worked on the Jump-beside the Church. It doesn't Flip your Car over-
i only been using the VR-4 Latley, lol for Testings. Made More Animations, too.
They work when they want to. I did make 'Dusty the Air-Plane' bigger wider some.
An Colored other ones. Added a Few Hot Air Balloons, Just Like them. )

Also i did much works on Testing the Weather Files, trying to make them,Look Nicer.
Day Rain Sky,is just some kind of Pale yellow, not sure why? But is Fine.
The Night Races are Not So Dark at all, so Remko you can Drive an not worry about-
that. From breaking your Head Lights out ;D All you do is work on your - Gamma -
Slider bar, to Adjust your Not so Bright, when Fog is on, when Weather is on.

I wanted to make another Longer Road, Like this other Author: made of H.T.-
I did Learn more,ways of them,from his Track. It's Very Big one. So i didn't-
Try to make a New Road cause,of this Mess, of Textures inside the Editor not showing-
Up Very well, so. Maybe next time..? Example: Textures, in Town it just to Hard,
For me to see,how to Flip them,Correctly an place them Better in Town (

I think this was a Fun Well Project Runs Good!.
I haven't seen any View problems,as i did with Empire track long Road.

It's faster Mesh Shape, ok i also fixed many Bent polys, that needed fixing.
From long 08' time, Because i have Learned much more since then in ways.
The Rest of Credits: I give are in the Read Me file.
Just try to Enjoy this as i do...!
"Happy Thanks Giving" to All! Next week...
As i, an all try... to be? :}

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Comment By: lkobra
Nov 17, 2017 - 9:57pm

will this is very cool!!!

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Comment By: EvoX
Nov 18, 2017 - 3:50am

I hafta agree... maybe some baloon retexturing... but its all nice keep it up

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Comment By: WiLL
Nov 18, 2017 - 7:23am

Ikobra thanks bud :)
An you also Evox you should try re-doing the Balloons, they don't always show up like I want. Anyways, was a big Description. I'm on a bigger H.T. mesh now fixing up things, its a very old mesh to. So what I think. Cya :}

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Comment By: EvoX
Nov 18, 2017 - 8:13am

Ok i think i Will try it..
Need to look for good textures... cya

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Comment By: WiLL
Nov 25, 2017 - 9:32am

I'm not working on this other track no more, it crashed out,so wasn't so great,an on a C.W. track redo, now its been m CH hard good works. :)

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