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AtLantica Arts 2016 FinaLized
AtLantica Arts 2016 FinaLized 6 more screens
Added on May 02, 2016 Viewed 2,303 times Downloaded 624 times

Author: WiLL

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I Will say this now.

Hi there again, I Really Enjoyed Seeing my old base, Track here Grow into somthing, Better than I expected. That's my real life Scooter in here to. Just Nice to see it! In here, I worked all month on this Track. I did many fixes,thru-out The mesh from Long ago. Any how, Try to have Fun on this!! : )

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Comment By: EvoX
May 3, 2016 - 10:43am

What a psychedelic Zeppelin bro) It would be cool if you used
a non-transparent texture though. But 4 all the rest it roxx!!!

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Comment By: _WiLL_
May 3, 2016 - 12:50pm

Hi man, well that on Fire I guess, Cause it's a Hot Track,? Rite..? :) hey, thanks for all too. It was a cool experiment. Is what I was doing with that. Did you ever see the movie? I talked about in the read Me. Its old by now to. Nick cage ones. )

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