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My Route AdonF Re-Revisted 2014
My Route AdonF Re-Revisted 2014 5 more screens
Added on Nov 11, 2014 Viewed 2,142 times Downloaded 610 times

Author: WiLL

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Hi... I want to say this is Much better Looking.!!
Than my Last - France Ver-1.5 . That was back in 04.
Long ago...
I Really Like how she Turned Out!!!
My Read me, Explains.
Hope you Will Like My Hard
Have Fun!! :-)

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Comment By: _WiLL_
Nov 16, 2014 - 6:48am

Hi... Thx for Upping it Remko. This was added -Nov 13,-14. of You..? I'm making a Track now with Short- Cuts. Works good. Ps: Next time,i won't Write so much in my Read me.Rtf. Explaining is all...

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Comment By: _WiLL_
Nov 23, 2014 - 9:22pm

I've already Completed,the Fixed up Ver. of this if anyone wants it Pm. me it has Full Far Visibility . and Better Shadows,from. doing it Rite in T3 Ed. Letting you know. peace...

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